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Alternative Rock-Inspired Music With a Modern Folk Twist

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Across the sun-drawn sands of the Southwest, a group of modern-day troubadours has formed. By combining alternative country influences with dashes of folk, Americana and Jazz, Dusty Low has created a sound that is both familiar and surprisingly fresh.

Brothers Sam, Jesse and Danny Sullivan along with Adam Trzyna have forged a new direction that incorporates all of their collective influences. This sound combined with superb harmonies results in something truly exceptional.

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A personal favorite is "Renegade," a funk-tinged rocker that's got a vague Old West feel to the lyrics. It features a jazzy interlude, a murky lyric about moral choices and a catchy stop-start hook built around the refrain "throw ... them dice." It dovetails nicely with the next song, "Old Road," with its plucky electric guitar embroidery and story of a man whose time has run out. "Giving Up My Head" is a country-flavored rock shuffle - which has an acoustic guitar line that reminds me of Steely Dan's "With a Gun" - about a guy whose heart has to be reeled in slowly. He's married to his music, after all. "Well I don't feel like settlin' down," Sullivan sings, "not when I'm on the road.
- Doug Pullen

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Each of our members contributes an integral part of our unique sound. Dusty Low is:

Live music El Paso, TX

Jesse Sullivan


Sam Sullivan

Sam Sullivan


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Danny Sullivan


Adam Trzyna

Adam Trzyna