Hometown: El Paso, TX

Members: Jesse Sullivan - Guitar/Vocals | Dan Sullivan - Drums/Vocals | Sam Sullivan: Trumpet/Percussion/Vocals | Anthony Movsesian - Bass

Across the sun drawn sands of the southwest, a group of modern day troubadours has formed. By combining alternative country influences with a dash of folk, americana and jazz, Dusty Low has created a sound that is at once familiar yet surprisingly fresh.Sam, Jesse and Danny Sullivan, after touring for many years, have forged a new direction that incorporates all of their collective influences.

With the addition of Anthony Movsesian whose main influence is jazz, the group is constantly cultivating agile and well crafted compositions that easily cross back and forth between many of the cherished American music forms. Add to this, superb harmonies and the result is truly exceptional.

Jesse Sullivan - 915-525-4634

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